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DA Calculator: Expected DA July 2024 (50% confirmed from January), after December Index Number

Good News for Government Employees as DA now will be 50% from 1st January after issuance of Index Number of December as was forecasted by us.

As per our forecast, DA from 1st July, 2024 will be 54%. We request you to please share your forecast in comment section.

Now as DA has becomes 50%, many other benefits like HRA, Education Allowance etc. will automatically increase.

Please share your expectation in the Comment Section.


Kindly wait for 10 seconds for Display of Calculator

For NPS Calculator, please visit: NPS Calculator

(In this NPS Calculator, we have incorporated feature of annual increase in salary also on account of DA and Increments so that Realistic Estimation can be made).

For Real Estate Calculator, please visit Real Estate Calculator

(People who invest in Real Estate, generally calculate return on absolute basis like 50 Lakhs property has become One Crore. However, Return should be calculated considering time, rental yield, tax savings, interest cost on home loan etc. For this, we have designed this calculator so that real return can be calculated).

Please share about your expectation about DA from July, 2024 in comment section. Our Estimation is minimum 54%.

Please connect with us @ LinkedIn for regular updates..

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