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Calculator: Real Estate/Housing Financial Return Calculator

Generally we becomes happy by just looking at two large numbers in Real Estate i.e. the Current Market Value of the Property and the Purchase Price of the property. We also share the current market value of the Property among friend with much pride to justify our investment decision like " ऐक करोड़ का घर डेढ़ करोड़ का हो गया " i.e. One Crore Property has become the worth of Rs.1.50 Crores.

However, in many of cases it has been observed that it is like a mirage/misnomer and when we analyse the exact financial return on the property considering time, interest on Home Loans, tax savings, Rental Yields, and other factors, we find that Return on Investment on Property is not that attractive.

Therefore for the benefit of all, we have designed the calculator to know exact return on investment made in Real Estate/Housing considering all relevant factors so that informed decision can be taken.

Fab Gyan Calculator: Real Estate Return Calculator (Let-out Property)

Fab Gyan Calculator: Real Estate Return Calculator (Self-Occupied Property) 

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We also request you to please share suggestions in comment section for further improvements in the calculator.

Disclaimer: Above Calculator is being prepared based on certain assumptions and there are always chances for them being wrong. Further, above calculator is being designed just for guidance not as an investment advise at all.

Further, Fab Gyan will not be responsible for any mistake/error in the Calculator.

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