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Steps to Link CGHS Id with ABHA ID

Linking of CGHS Beneficiary ID with ABHA ID has been made mandatory for CGHS Card holder w.e.f. 1 April, 2024 vide OM No F. No. Z15025/23/2023/DIR/CGHS(Comp No.8236195) dated 28 March, 2024.

Accordingly, for the benefit of Card Holders, we have listed the steps for linking ABHA ID with CGHS Beneficiary ID:

Steps for linking CGHS ID with ABHA ID


Vists CGHS Website (


Under the Tab of Beneficiary, click Beneficiary Login (Main Card Holder)

In case, password is not remembered or created, please click New User/Forgot Password and enter details like Beneficiary ID, Date of Birth & Mobile Number for the OTP.


After Login, Go to Update & click Create/Link ABHA ID


Note: Below mentioned Process will be required to be done for each family member mapped in your ID.

After clicking create/link ABHA ID, it will ask for ABHA ID for linking in case you already have ABHA ID.

In case, you do not posses ABHA ID, please click : “I don’t have ABHA Number”

After that it will ask for Aadhaar number of the beneficiary and after agreeing to the terms, click on GET OTP.

After inserting OTP (will come to the mobile number mapped to the Aadhaar), it will match details and create the ABHA ID. Once it is done, Link Status will be updated and it will give you option to PRINT ABHA CARD.

We hope it will help for smooth linking of CGHS Beneficiary ID with ABHA ID.


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