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Why Corona Virus has Gender Bias: It is killing More Men (In India 73%, Italy 67% are men in Covid d

We were also amused to notice such disproportionate incidence of corona virus on men. Then we started our research and came across many other interesting facts of life along with reasons.

Before going into reasons, lets first see the data of various countries:

Some may be thinking that it may be due to more corona infections among men then women, that is also true but that is only partial answer for more deaths. As death rate (deaths/confirmed cases of Covid) is also higher in men for instance in Italy Death Rate for men is 8.4% while for Women it is 1.9% and in Spain for men it is 4.1% while for women it is 1.8%. So, there must be some other strong reasons. One another interesting fact to note here it that in South Korea more women were infected but more men died due to Corona Virus.

Main reasons

Genetic Strength of Women

God have gifted strong genetic material to women as compared to men which gives women a unique strength to fight diseases. Please do not confuse with physical strength.

Before, explaining the reasons of Women having more strength, please observe following facts which prove the point more convincingly :

  1. Even Baby Girl is graced by GOD with more strength than Baby Boy in fighting diseases. It can be observed from admission in Neo-Natal ICU (NI CU: ICU for recently born babies), admission of baby boy will be higher than Baby Girls.

  2. Baby girls are consistently more likely to make it to their first birthday than Baby Boys.

  3. 80 percent of all centenarians (Age more than 100 years) today are women.

  4. An incredible 95 percent of those who reach the formidable age of 110 years old are women.

  5. In Earlier Version of Corona- Virus i.e. SARS also more men died than Women.

  6. Cancer among men is higher than women. Even survival and recovery in case women cancer patients is higher.

  7. Incidence of Non Communication Diseases like diabetes, Cardio diseases are also higher than Men.

One of possible reasons which many research studies found is presence of two X chromosome in women (X chromosome plays important role in development and maintenance of Immune System) while Men has single X Chromosome, which may be one of underlying reason for women having more strength to fight diseases. Another Possible reason may be presence of hormone oestrogen in women which protects women from diseases.

Behavioral Reasons

  1. As men have more negative behavior like smoking and drinking which compromised the immune system. Further, Smoking makes the lungs vulnerable which is victim of current Covid-19.

  2. Men are more casual in nature in following hand hygiene and social distancing.

So, it is recommended especially for men, that adequate steps may be taken to strengthen the immunity.

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Data Source from: as shown on 19 April, 2020 Indian Data from MoHWF Press Conference, Internet Sources, Research Papers.


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