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Highest DA Expected in January 2019: Even 5% Possible

Hello Friends, after getting DA hike in the range of 1% to 2%, Central Government Employees can expect good news in the form of highest DA hike in January, 2019. 

This time DA hike may even touch 5% in Jan, 2019. After announcement of 10 point increase in CPI (IW) for the month of July (301 from 291), DA is already reached to the level of 10.37% in July itself. 

Considering the inflationary trends, RBI’s recent reports about inflation, possibility of 5% DA hike can’t be ruled out. Chances of minimum 4% DA hike seems very high.

Scenario Analysis of DA Hike in January, 2019

  1. Increase of three points henceforth for each coming month- 5% DA hike

  1. Increase of One Point henceforth for each coming month- 4% DA hike

  1. No hike henceforth in coming months- 3% DA hike

Position after Announcement of August, 2018 CPI (IW)

Coming Soon!!!

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Actually DA may not be hiked as expected



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