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Consumer Price Index for Industrial Worker: (CPI - IW) for August, 2023

As per statement of Labour Bureau, Year-on-year inflation for the month of August, 2023 stood at 6.91 per cent compared to 1.54 per cent for the previous month and 5.85 per cent during the corresponding month a year before.

The All-India CPI-IW for August,2023 decreased by 0.5 points and stood at 139.2 (one hundred thirty nine point two).

For impact on DA for the month of January, 2024, please visit DA Calculator placed at

The index is compiled for 88 centres and All-India and is released on the last working day of succeeding month.

For seeing impact on DA, please refer DA CALCULATOR .

we still believe DA will increase by 5% in January-2024 and will become 51%.

The maximum downward pressure in current index came from Food & Beverages group contributing 0.71 percentage point to the total change. At item level, Wheat, Poultry/ Chicken, Eggs-hen, Cotton Seed Oil, Apple, Brinjal, Cauliflower, Chillies Green, Ginger, Lady's Finger, Tomato, Electricity Domestic, Kerosene Oil, etc. are responsible for the faIl in index. However, this decrease was checked by Rice, Arhar Dal, Onion, Cumin Seed/Jira, Cooked Meal, Tailoring Charges, Books School/ITI, Private Tutor/Coaching Centre Fees, Tuition and other Fees-College and School/lTl, Stationery, etc. putting upward pressure on the index.

At centre level, Jaipur recorded a maximum decrease of 4.8 points. Among others, 3 centres recorded decrease between 3 to 3.9 points, 11 centres between 2to2.9 points, 13 centres between 1 to 1.9 points and22 centres between 0.1 to 0.9 points. On the contrary, Cuttack recorded a maximum increase of 4.4 points followed by Jalandhar with 4.0 points and Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Kollam with 3.7 points each. Among others, 3 centres recorded increase between 2to2.9 points,9 centres between 1 to 1.9 points and 18 centres between 0.1 to 0.9 points. Rest of 4 centres' indices remained stationary.

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