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Lock-down Guidelines Simplified and Summarized in One Flow Chart: Ask your queries in Comment Sectio

Government has extended the National Lock-Down for further two weeks till 17th May, 2020. But this should not be considered as extension of Lock-Done rather partial opening up of economy.

Here is Summation of Zone Wise All Activities which are Allowed or Disallowed as per MHA Notification dated 1st May, 2020

Prohibited List in All Zones (Red/Orange/Green)

  1. Transport (except as approved by MHA): Air, Passenger Train, Inter State Buses, Metro Rails

  2. Educations Institutions, Schools, Coaching Institutes etc., Online Education Allowed.

  3. Hospitality Services except for warriors of Covid-19, Stranded People.

  4. Cinema Halls, Shopping Malls, Gyms, Sports Complexes, Swimming Pool, Entertainment Parks, Theaters, Bars, Auditoriums, Assembly Halls and Similar Places.

  5. All Social/Political Gatherings.

  6. All Religious Places.

  7. Inter- State movement of People except for medical reasons.

  8. Movement of People not involved in Essential Services (7PM to 7AM).

Important Notes:

  1. All activities which are not specifically prohibited will be assumed as permitted activities in all zones.

  2. State has power to restrict Permitted Activities with such restrictions as deems necessary.

  3. Maximum Restrictions are in Hot Spots or Containment Zones whether it is in Red Zone or Orange Zone.

  4. Hot-Spots/Containment Zones are like Residential Societies, Mohallas, Galis, and Police Station Areas etc. in Red Zone/Orange Zone districts as identified by District Authorities as per Guidelines of MoHFW.

  5. Identification of Green Zone (no fresh case in last 21 days), Red Zone (by MoHFW based on total number of cases, doubling rates, testing etc.), Orange Zone (districts not fallen in Red or Green) will be done by MoHFW.

  6. States can downgrade any district like Green into Orange or Orange into Red as per their risk assessments but vice versa is not allowed i.e. States are not allowed to upgrade any district as identified by MoHFW.

Other Important Points:

  1. Marriage Gatherings allowed (up to 50 People).

  2. Face Cover/Masks mandatory in public place.

  3. Spitting Not Allowed.

  4. All States will allow inter-state movement of Goods (Essential + Non Essential) including empty Trucks.

  5. Other SOPs as issued by MHA for migrant workers, students, Pilgrims etc. will continue to operate.

  6. Consumption of Liquor, Paan, Gutaka in Public Place Not Allowed but sale allowed with social distancing.

  7. People above 65 Years, Co-morbidity, children up to age of 10 shall stay at home in all Zones except for medical and essential requirement.

  8. Funerals Gathering up to 20 People.

Ask Your Queries if Any in Comment Section, We will share our opinion based on extant Guidelines.

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